Defence – A fairytale from Pakistan

8 May

Pakistan is one of those lands on earth where people – ‘innocent people’ – still believe in fairy-tales and happy endings. One of the most important & popular heros of these tales has always been the Army. Despite the negative emotions about them by a handful of these innocent people, a wide majority still has faith in their mythical saviors & believe that NO matter WHAT happens, our patriotic heros defending the borders will not let any harm to crossover as long as there is blood in their veins. Feels safe, doesnt it ? Who would not like to believe this cozy idea of being safe in the arms of our national pride, our protectors ! Unfortunately, from where I see, things appear to be different, a little un-cozy & a little ugly than those fantasy fairy-tales or should I say, a little more realistic !

Perhaps many of the Swati people may also have believed in these fairy-tales about their warriors. What they missed was seeing themselves as the villians – The bad guys ! 😦

Another important aspect of fairy-tales is that most of these stories have a lot of action going on before they hit the ‘happy ending’ & this one is no different either. As the story continues, Continue reading


PIA – Come fly with us !

3 Sep

Come fly with us !

Yes, its PIA’s slogan. But now presenting it in a different dimension. A sudden idea that struck my mind when I heard about the slogan of PIA .. Come fly with us :p

Osama Bin Laden with Ali Zafar ??

6 Aug

Shocked to see ??

Well … don’t be !

It’s not Ali Zafar interviewing Osama Bin Laden it’s a still from behind the scenes of the movie “Tere bin Laden – A million dollar fake”

Tere Bin Laden is a new comedy movie released July 16th, 2010 in Bollywood. Ali Zafar, the prince of Pakistani pop music plays the lead role along with other co-stars in it.  The film managed to attract the attention of a large number of people since its very beginning mostly because of the two main reasons, firstly, because its name contains the word Bin Laden, which rings all the alarm bells of the so-called anti terrorist peace lovers the moment it appears anywhere on the media or internet. And secondly, its cast includes the hot favorite singer of a wide majority of Pakistani youth – Ali Zafar. Continue reading

Terry Jones — Spitting on the sun

2 Aug

They say if you try to spit on the sun if falls back on your own face, but stupidity has no limits & even though Dinosaurs are extinct the ugly faced  ‘Moronosaurs’ with brains no sharper than that of an ape continue to lament rationality.

Terry Jones — A person who accuse Islam of being a religion of hate while he himself is the one spreading his inner hate of Islam to the world around him ! Anyone with just a little amount of rationality can easily see who is hating who !!

Terry Jones is a senior pastor in “The Dove World Outreach Center” a Christian new testament church in Gainesville, Florida, working on the mission of converting people to Christianity and spreading hatred against other religions specially Islam. They have been working on their agenda since long but their only global presence was that of sharing videos on YouTube about gay marriage, Muslims and evolution & spreading their infectious hatred through their official website , until recently (start of July 2010) when they managed to capture the attention of a large number of audience by posting hand painted signs in red reading “Islam is of the Devil” outside their church.

The church claims that the signs are aimed at exposing Islam for what it actually is. This created a stir in the surrounding locality and people started protesting against such an event. Terry Jones responded to all these protests in a different way by saying that these signs are not meant to spread hatred but are a message of awareness so that people start rethinking about their religions and convert to Christianity (The only way to live in his lightweight opinion which seems to be going by the rule .. My way or the high way !) The church also refused to remove those signs and showed confidence in American police for defending their right to freedom of expression. (Why does the police catches and prosecutes a killer who expresses his emotion of anger by killing someone – After all this is his born right to freedom of expression ! ) Continue reading

There are ways

23 Jul

There are ways even in the woods … but its not possible to walk over water

A new wallpaper

4 Jun

Simplicity is amazing

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